Collegiate/Young Adult Company

DFS Co 13-14

Fall 2017 Auditions UPDATE:

September 18th-20th and 25th-27th! 

**Due to Hurricane Irma, we are shifting our auditions!

Continue reading for details!**

Interested in Joining The Adult Company in the future? Email us and let us know!

Our goal with the company…outside of being a place that will help you grow in your passion, you will have the opportunity to perform at FSU/ FAMU/ TCC events and in the community as well as go to competitions and conventions for those who that appeals to after high school.

So if you aren’t ready to give up your love for taking classes, for performing, for competing or for all of these just because you aren’t in high school anymore, you don’t have to!

How much of a time commitment is the DFS Company?

Most of you who danced in high school were familiar with going straight from school to the studio to spend countless hours a week as well as thousands of dollars a year with your competitive studios. Our goal here at DFS is to do completely the opposite!

Our desire is for the company to be something that is feasible for your schedules, as we really want you all to be able to enjoy campus life, other organizations, etc without your grades or work suffering. Since you all will have unlimited class opportunities at DFS, even though there is no weekly required class schedule, we know that when you take class you will be keeping up with your technique, etc in the classes you’ll be taking, so there is no reason for us to practice much more outside of that. Rehearsals will be strictly for you all to grow together as dancers and for learning choreography for our upcoming performances. If we are rehearsing for a piece that you can’t do because of your schedule or simply don’t have an interest to do it, then you are not required to come. Rehearsals, performances, competitions, etc are on a “need to” basis and are held for specific events.

Our regular company rehearsal day for when we have events will be on Tuesday nights at 9pm.

What areas of dance does the DFS Company focus on?

The company will consist of four different focuses: Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Hip Hop however for special events we may also perform modern, tap and ballet.

How do I audition?

You will audition for the company by taking any TWO classes during the September 18th-September 20th or 25th-27th time frame. **(Those who already took BOTH of their required audition classes during the week of September 5th, you will hear from us shortly!)**. The audition fee is $30. There is more than one class option for each class during the two weeks so take whatever fits best with your schedule!

We will have a special sign in sheet to fill out at the studio for those auditioning. As you take a class in each focus we will be observing and we will make our decision from there. Please note that we are not looking for perfection. We will be looking for strength in at least one of the focuses offered at DFS as well as the growth potential in the focuses you may not be as strong in.

Is there a number limit or certain appearance type that will affect how many company members you will select?

No! We want anyone who loves to dance! We will have many opportunities for events this year so there will be something for everyone in the company to do. We want you all to take advantage of as many opportunities that you can and are willing to do!

What are the financial commitments? 

Tuition is $130 for the semester. This covers unlimited weekly classes,  rehearsals, college and community performances, parade entries and the company photo shoot. There is also one additional outfit fee for the outfit that will be worn at the performances.

What are some of the events the Company have performed at during their season? 

They company has performed at FSU’s POW WOW featuring Amy Schumer, FSU homecoming parade, their own Annual Spring Showcase, the JUMP Convention, FSU Basketball Halftimes, FSU Basketball Kickoff Pep Rally, FSU Volleyball Games, FSU Homecoming Parades, FSU Dance Marathon, FSU Light the Night, FSU Spirit Night, DFS Autism Awareness Showcase, Springtime Tallahassee and the Tallahassee Winter Festival Parade. More events are on the calendar for this year as well!

Audition Registration Forms Are Available At The Studio or email us to pre-register!!!

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