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Dance Fusion Elite

Dance Fusion Elite (DFE) is for students’ ages 1-18. DFE is committed to the proper instruction as well as the strong emphasis on technique in the areas of Acro, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz/Funk, Musical Theater, Modern, Pointe, and Hip Hop, however, it offers more than just instructional dance techniques. The structures of the classes are designed to help students gain a deeper awareness of self while being able to express themselves creatively. Through dance and movement exercises, students will learn self discipline, self control and self esteem.

DFE is dedicated to enriching the lives of its participants through the artistic ministry of dance. It is important to us that all of our classes have age appropriate music, choreography and costumes, as we understand the importance of dance being taught while preserving and maintaining the values of being a youth in this day and age. We also strive to provide an authentic approach to instructional dance and a fun, enjoyable experience for all of our students.

DFE has at least two performances a year as well as opportunities to perform in local community events.
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Dance Fusion Elite Competitive Company


Our competitive company will have the opportunity to compete in the U.S. at regional competitions, conventions and possible Nationals. If you are interested in our competitive company, please visit the Contact Us section on our website and let us know!

2017 is only the 3rd year of going to competitions as DFS Competitive Company and we are just so proud of all of our dancers. We may be new at this, but we are building some pretty incredible foundations. There really is something special we have going on here at Dance Fusion and the hope is to continue to grow and learn how to be better and better each year.
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To our Dance Fusion Family, we have so much to be proud of and as always we are so grateful that you can choose to dance anywhere, yet we are THANKFUL that you choose to dance with us!
Here at DFS we strive to make sure that every student sees our dance family not only as a place where they grow technically, but that they really have a 2nd family that cares and encourages them to be the best version of themselves. We try to create and ensure that DFS is a place that allows room for all differences and diversity to flourish and to be the kind of studio that sees the benefit in pushing these dancers to be better than what they think they’re capable of in their minds.
There were many happy tears and screams of joy as we cannot believe how we did again this year! We know what is capable with the dancers who really buy into the vision DFS has for them and we are thankful for such great parents who are willing (aka awesome enough) to trust us with them. So thankful to love what we do and to love who we’re doing it with on a daily basis! 
Tryouts for the 2018-2019 season will be on March 30th to learn the material, 7th for an optional review and 8th for auditions for all dancers 5 and up! Email us by selecting the “contact us” tab for more details!

Dance Fusion Studios

Dance Fusion Studios (DFS) is for clients ages 16 and up. At DFS we strive to provide an authentic approach to instructional dance and a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone who walks through the front door! This year we will be offering classes in Acro, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Jazz/Funk in Optional Heels, Lyrical, Tap, Stretch and Flexibility, and Technique Fundamentals and Progressions. We will also be flying in guest choreographers from across the U.S as well as having dance intensives to give all of our clients the maximum opportunity to learn, grow and to most of all enjoy the love of dancing while here in Tallahassee. There are no registration fees or monthly commitments. Just come as much as you can, when you can!

DFS Collegiate and Young Professionals Company

Another aspect of DFS is our collegiate and young professionals company. If you want to be more involved than just taking classes, whether that be performing on campus and in the community or want to get back into the competitive aspect of dance, well now you can! The DFS Company allows you to choose events, appearances, conventions and competitions based off your schedule and/or preferences of which you would like to do. We rehearse on a “need to” basis so you have the freedom to be a part of as much as your schedule and your desire allows!
DFS Co 13-14